Welcome to the Our Community Broadcasting Network (OCBN). These interview style videos will showcase our multicultural communities and promote the diversity and inclusion necessary to help them grow and thrive. We will highlight the many groups that make our communities so special, including; the various immigrant communities, LGBTQ+, the developmentally and physically challenged, women's issues, military families, and more. We will be promoting healthy lifestyles and feature organizations that offer information and support on issues that impact our daily lives. We have started a special series with the Alzheimer's Association that will focus on the services the organization offers to support, educate, and inform the public about dementia and how to maintain good brain health. Future series will feature education, healthcare, first responders, and more. Click on the images below to access the programs. These broadcasts originate here in Aurora Colorado but we are moving quickly to be able to do remote interviews anywhere in the country by utilizing Skype. Please feel free to let us know topics of interest you would like us to cover in the future. Follow me on Twitter for regular updates about programming.

Special thanks to the organizations and institutions listed below for their collaboration and support in developing the topics and offering their expertise for the Our Community broadcasts. Without them, this programming would not be possible. Click on the logos for more information about their diversity programs.