Special thanks to the organizations listed below for their collaboration and support in developing the topics and offering their expertise to the Our Community Broadcasting Network. Without them, this programming would not be possible. Click on the logos to visit their websites for more information about each organization.

Welcome to the Our Community Broadcasting Network. I currently serve as the Vice Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Council with the Aurora Chamber of Commerce.  With a background in public affairs broadcasting, I decided to use my experience to create this online broadcasting network to highlight and promote the organizations (businesses, nonprofits,  local and state governments) that utilize the best practices of equity and inclusion being promoted by the  D&I Council.  The featured organizations share the common mission of supporting the various needs of the community-at-large.  Programming  has been expanded to include information on health and wellness to  provide our diverse, multicultural communities with important lifestyle information. I record all interviews and presentations on the Zoom platform and am able to have guests from anywhere in the country. Your input is welcome. If you know of a potential guest or topic that would be of interest to the community-at-large regarding issues of equity & inclusion or health & wellness, email me at dennis@our-community.net Visit the Newsroom page to view some of the latest community news and events. Be sure to send me news items for the page that you may want to promote. To access the video podcasts, click on the link below. Please share these broadcasts with your network and thank you for your support.

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